Saturday, April 4, 2009

welcome to my new blog!

did i mention that im taking a year off from art school?
now i have alot of time on my hands.
so i have been drawing alot while watching tv. ive been drawing alot every single day, really!
i have five paintings in my room, ready to scan. and one painting that im having a dilemma with. paper skirt or no paper skirt?
so ive been going back to basics and drawing detailed faces in pencil, to strenghthen my skills and its so therapeutic too.

bobby pin

easter parade


  1. Oh my god, SO ADORABLE! Your drawings are always so perfectly girly.

  2. god damn your good.
    xo Emily.

  3. i didn't know, how come? but it's good because we get to see your drawings a lot more

  4. hiiii!

    ive made a new blog because my livejournal was so old and i was sick of it. it had too many highschool memories inside.


  5. I really like your work! You seem to use very "quiet" color which I find very appealing. Well keep up the good work!


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