Sunday, May 10, 2009


i have had such a happy row of days.
dancing, drinks, music, picnics, yayoi kusama, tall boys, great girls. i am in love with all of my friends.
my kitten is being a biter, but thats about the only bad thing i can think of.

i just wanted to write down that i am glad to have a feature in the vintage issue of dujour magazine.
you should see me grinning. im a cheshire cat today.
my head is all shiny shiny tap shoes and cloud pillows and pearl kisses.

dujour mag

sometimes all the good things happen at once.
and its just amazingly overwhelming.
life seems like it has woken up all of a sudden.


  1. i discovered your blog not a long time ago and i have to admit that i fall in love... your drawings are wonderful and i like the "material" you use.

  2. Yay for you Caitlin! I followed the link, and it looks like a fantastic magazine. I couldn't resist and ordered a copy!

  3. Awww Caitlin, you deserve this so much! You're so AMAZINGLY talented and have hundreds of girls internationally swooning over your work. Keep up being fantastic, who knows, you could have your OWN magazine someday! (I'd buy it!)

  4. you totally deserve everything good that has happened to you. Retreat into the warm ball of happiness and just enjoy it.

  5. very pleased to see you happy and smiling its great to hear and you
    deserve all the love and accolades and features, you and your work are wonderfully fantabulous <3
    long may it continue

  6. been a fan from first sight. i keep loving your work and poetry. 2009 you become a *~super-ART-star~*. let it go to your head and keep pinKing sweetie.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! I love your work, your style, they make me happy so you most definitely deserve all the happiness you feel right now! xx

  8. like your style,artworks...
    greatings Caitlin!


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