Monday, May 4, 2009


the weirdest thing ever happened to me on friday.
i was out shopping with my mum, and i saw a pretty girl carrying one of my tote bags!
now that was a first for me, so it was a shock in itself.
BUT..the strange twilight zone factor was that it was one of five bags that i had made especially for dujour magazine. i sent them over to america to be handed out with subscriptions... so what an amazing coincidence that a girl from my local area in australia now owns it...and the fact that she was shopping at the same time and place as me. too strange. especially because the central coast really isnt known for its coolness or culture. i was so shaken up. i get so whacked out by those kinds of things.

tote bags for dujour magazine


  1. wow that is a one in a million chance! those tote bags are too cute

  2. thats so cool!
    i remember the first time i saw someone wearing one of my hats, i hid in a corner and giggled.
    you never know how you are going to react to that kind of stuff!

  3. i love that story.
    that would have felt so good.
    and freaky.
    and crazy.

  4. what a beautiful coincidence. lovely story x

  5. finally I found your blog, I found out about your illustrations in flickr, but I like better blogs, I love your illustrations, and I'll enjoy now reading about it.

  6. im still waiting for mine..... it has been over a year now :-((

  7. hi edi.
    who are you?
    i wasnt selling tote bags a year ago, so im not sure what you mean.
    i havent had any non-deliveries of the tote bags that ive been selling through etsy too.
    please email me, because youve got me worried.

  8. I remember a long time ago you were making bleeding knees totes (or something similar to that?) Do you still do that?

  9. hi elena,
    i dont make those anymore.


  10. it's so nice to read little things like this. that's so cool about your bag!

  11. oh these are so cute!

    you've done a lovely job. (:


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