Tuesday, May 26, 2009

love heart

the wall

i just wanted to say a big thankyou to all the fantastic people who blogged about the art exhibition.
you are very kind and i think i may just LOVE you.
so thankyou to : patience, & frankie mag & matthew & liss.


ive been secretly wishing to be noticed by frankie for aaages. so this feels like a nice step in the right direction.

p.s. i am obsessed with ferragamo shoes.
and finding the perfect 50's vintage party dress on etsy.
its proving rather difficult though. either they are too small, too expensive, or they sold out last week. sad face.
p.p.s. i love these girls.

babysitters club

belle, mouschi, jaclyn.



  1. i find it so weird that you haven't been in frankie yet ... have you ever emailed them? you two would be perfect together :)

  2. Yeah I've thought about that too, the fact that you haven't been featured in Frankie until now. It just seems like a magazine that just fits your art work. It would be cool if they had a bit about the show in their next issue.

  3. wish i couldve seen some of your stuff for reals!
    this has probably been asked a zillion times before but what camera do you use? your photos always look lovely (:

  4. i got a pair of ferragamo leopard short hair flats, never been worn, for $5 at Salvy's. They're a little too small but i couldn't pass them up, they're perfect. oh and I always love your photos! you make it look so easy, being spectacular. xx

  5. Hellloooo !

    Just wanted to say THANKS for offering such inspiring stuff!
    I have included you in the next Magpie Nest section of NZ craft mag World Sweet World.

    Email me at hello@studiohome.co.nz and I will send through the layout


  6. You && Frankie would be an explosion of adorable and amazing things :)
    I am so happy for you with your art show! Congratulations.

  7. lightning heart- yeah! ive sent them little notes a few times, but i suppose they get a trillion submissions a week and im just not what they wanted.

    sally- yeah! i would be so glad if they actually wanted to put my art in the actual magazine.

    safe as milk- hi! i use a broken ricoh camera with a wobbly back.

    darlingrun- leopard ferragamos! how lucky.
    i have a red pair and soon will have a patent leather black pair.
    i want them in all colors of the rainbow.

    ju- how exciting! ive emailed you.

  8. well done on your show! i think i would die a little to own an original of one of your paintings.

  9. Amazing blog, amazing illustrations!!

    Just lovely!


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