Saturday, May 2, 2009


last night i had a dream that i met sofia coppola and she just decided it would be nice to hang out with me.
even in my dream, i was in awe. and i kept saying her name. she was wearing black.

then it switched to a dream of sliding through an abandoned house because all the floors were waterslides.
i didnt like that.


  1. I adore Sophia Coppola... How amazing would a collaboration between you two be? Very.
    I hope you're doing well, pen pal. I cannot wait to recieve your letter.

  2. it would be lovely to hang out with you and eat ice cream
    dreams are funny
    though I tend not to
    read too much into them
    wouldn't know where to
    begin to decipher them
    but funny enough I tend
    to write about them a lot
    in poems or my stories
    wish you a lovely week
    and lots of inspiration
    fellow DA artist

  3. I had a dream I was staying in slyvia plaths house. Her ghost liked me so she decided not to haunt me.


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