Monday, May 25, 2009

sometimes you make me cry




im trying not to be nervous about the art show.
which is difficult, as it seems that being nervous is what i do best.
time is escaping too rapidly. im going to wear a shiny red dress.

i havent painted in ages. i felt a blockade in my hands and my head.
i want to go dark. say goodbye to pastels for a while. focus intently.
dark gemstones and open palms and Colosseum marble.
who knows.
leopards on leashes, vials of green poison, boys devoured by sadness.
girls who nurse and mend. romeo dreaming of juliet. boys thoughts, not girls ones.

yesterday was a mushroom day. when you wake up and behind your eyes is grey and you feel puffy and slow and you cant really see anything in front of you properly unless you focus real hard, and stay out of the sunlight.
but, with much happiness, i put aside the mushroom mood and saw my falcon gang. no banana pies, but brownies and burgerlicious instead.
new girls, zine fair, white rabbit, bouncing ball, train fare, strange hugs.
my heart is full of love for friends.
i feel glad that i will have such snappy shoulders to cry on (if need be) when wednesday night rolls around.

how do you stop a cat from drinking out of your glass of water?
and how do you stop a cat from putting his paws in your soup?

yayoi kusama


glass pyramid


  1. A mushroom day! Of course that is the perfect name for that sort of day.

    Congratulations on your first art show, I'm sure it will go swimmingly.

    P.S. Um, very stern words and looks to stop a cats face and paws from invading your food and drink? Not much fun though.

  2. My cat will only drink out of my glass of water. Oh, or the toilet. Looking forward to seeing your boy thoughts x

  3. I went to that art exhibition in your photos. :) It was amazing.

  4. Good good luck with the exhibition - I'm excited for you! xox

  5. OOH!! you MUST tell us on how your art show goes! i'm so curious! if only i lived in australia (or had the money to fly there >_>) I'D GOOO!! ROAR
    and and i'm also looking forward to seeing some of your new art!! your ideas sound so excting

  6. I randomly found your blog through another blog and I am in love! Your art is so expressive. Wow! You are one talented gal.

  7. thanks guys.
    the art show went really well.


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