Saturday, August 1, 2009

orange juice

collective slumber.
so lets all try and wake ourselves up.
handshake + promise.
i started painting again.
champagne coloured glitter all over my desk.

beach house. what a beautiful band.
'heart of chambers' has been lulling around in my head for weeks.
humming it all the time.


  1. That fan and book(?) are very very pretty. Are they yours? If so you're very lucky.

  2. champagne glitter sounds wonderful. yes, beach house are one of my most favorite favorites, and heart of chambers is such a beautiful song!

  3. The band Beach House creates the background music you'd find in dreams. I adore them. I think I'm going to see them live next month. I might change my life.

  4. clare- the fan and book are actually photos ..maybe plates, actually.... in this reallly old book of my mothers.

    so, they arent real, but i wish!
    they are fit for marie antoinette.

    crystal- thats so lucky!
    i am dying to see beach house.

  5. Have you listened to Celebration? or White Magic? If you like Beach House I would check them out also.


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