Monday, August 24, 2009


so this little guy has been lounging around in my bedroom for weeks and weeks now.
waiting to be drawn in properly, waiting to be stretched onto a board, waiting to be painted, waiting for his face to be changed again and again.


and the moral of this story is,
no one can find you if you hide out on the roof.

also, ive been spending hours making patterned paintings. they are for sale now over at i think i get obsessed very easily. hooray for masking fluid!!!

bloom yellow house roses + bows


  1. I love him! A bit of a dreamboat!

  2. Bobby has such luscious lips, and totally bodacious hair.
    Pretty sure he knows it too...

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  4. oh, bobby is lovely. i especially like his shoes and tie. i think i'd like to sit on that roof with him too.
    i love your art, it's brill.
    peace, maddy

  5. how do you always manage produce a large quantity of quality artworks? <3

  6. hey gorgeous you know what would be extrasuperbcool? showing us your working space and tools you use. i'd LOVE to see where these fabulous paintings are being created and brushes and paint and brushes, i'm obviously a brush-freak :) what do you think about that?

  7. thanks everyone.

    erika- i guess its because its my day job and my favourite thing to do. :)
    i dont spend my time doing much else.

    vilette- okay! maybe this week i will take some pictures like that.

  8. i'm in love with bobby. :D :D
    & i featured your art on my blog as a decor idea!


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