Sunday, August 9, 2009



im starting to draw boys again.
he knows his legs are too too long and he has trouble fitting into small rooms.

i made the polka dots with a hole punch and glued them on. at the moment i really like being crafty and using layers of paper and glitter instead of just paint. i bought some masking fluid, and ive been experimenting with that. so in a few days im going to unveil some paintings with really nice patterns. its just the new thing that ive been looking for, so i can turn the corner and move onto something a bit more fresh.


  1. he's gorgeous, i love his shirt :)

  2. d'aaaw
    i wish boys looked like that in real life

  3. your boys are as beautiful as your girls.

    the cut out polka dot shirt is amazing too.

  4. love the way you did his shirt
    theres something cute girlie
    about him, he kinda reminds me
    of patrick wolf or nyself
    if only I were a lil taller :p
    hope you keep drawing some
    more boys and keep drawing
    your girls too and mixing
    them up its lovely to see you
    trying different things
    you're very creative
    and I still love your work a lot


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