Tuesday, September 8, 2009

cotton cloud carnation

animal orchestra
a few months i ago, i designed this blog header for nadia bailey, a lovely australian fashionista.
she also interviewed me on sunday! so if you wanna read my gushings about the shins and stuff, go visit nadiabailey.com.

also, have you heard of the scribble project?
its a group where anyone can doodle on fun little questionnaires.
here is one i made, which is now available to win! all you have to do is get involved. <3
same same


  1. aww the Grates :3 I saw them when I was 13, first concert <3
    this is cute, I love the free time box

  2. That's such a cute questionnaire!
    -Andi x

  3. That is so cool! Lovin' the blog header. And ps- first post is also great! I didn't know about that, some stalker I am. Pah.

  4. erika- the grates put on such a good show, dont they! i had fond teenage times of seeing them perform too.

    andi - thanks! you should do one yourself. all you have to do is download it.

    nicky- im confused! what didnt you know?
    i'll share all of my news with you on thursdayyy. not that theres alot of it.
    and i hope we dont have to eat snails at this french restaurant. maybe french baguette toting boys with no girlfriends would be good for lunch.

  5. I meant that I didn't know you had some paintings in the window of a shop in melbourne! That's wonderful! And yes, big catch ups on thursday, hopefully my tax money will have come in by then.

  6. I adore your art! <3

  7. wow wish you could do a header like that for my blog.
    so gorgeous

  8. oh! I forgot to make my scribble!
    I was invited on march...


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