Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hideaway homehouse

the milk of human kindness.
the treasures inside your mailbox.
i am in love with fran drescher as the nanny.

something i am working on & my desk with broken paintbrushes & then some photos from last summer.

nickys garden evil laughter



  1. You are so inspiring. How fabulous.
    Did you hear about your package? I cannot remember what site I mentioned it to you, but for some reason it did not get shipped with the rest. I am shipping it soon. So sorry!
    Love. xo Sprinkle

  2. love your painting. love the line work, the crispness of your lines. the color and the texture. thanks so much for sharing!

  3. sprinkle- yes! i got your note. and its okay! i dont mind waiting.

    and thanks abby!

  4. AHH your art is the best. I'm always gleefully impressed.

  5. I love it when you post photos of your works in progress. the texture of the first one is incredible!

  6. thanks! i just loaded on heaps and heaps of watercolor paint.

  7. I looove your blog, and your art of course! It is inspiring me so much, I just came across here some seconds ago, and I'm loving everything, I must come mroe times and follow!

    Greetings from Portugal,


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