Wednesday, September 2, 2009

home made confetti

once when i was younger i went to a party and there was a pastel coloured pony. someone had used hairspray to make it rainbow. i also heard that you can dye white cats into colours by using kool-aid. i dont have a white cat, but if i did, i would turn him pink! i also would like a little pink poodle with fluffy ears.
i just cant seem to say goodbye to pastels, no matter how much i tell myself that im going to be sombre and serious.


  1. Lovely drawings ! Pastels are the colours i like best! So warm and dreamy!

  2. Hi Caitlin,
    i saw your work featured here;

    I love your work and adore the three pictures that you sent to me..
    I've put them in my baby girl's room..
    Thankyou again

    take care dear, xxxx

  3. caitlin, please let me know how you use you watercolours. i have bought a set but i am very inexperienced with watercolours and i just wanted to know how you mix them/apply them/how much water you use, when you put the water in etc etc. if you could let me know it would be a great help.

    lovelovelove xxxx <3

  4. thanks!!

    catherine- that sounds lovely. i hope your baby girl enjoys them as she grows up.

  5. Hi Caitlin

    I only just discovered you today. You are so darn kooky, I think I love you lots!


  6. confetti!

    caitlin vad kool du är <3


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