Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LADY boutique

 is full of delectable dresses made by petrova hammond (of project runway fame).
and right now, some of my art is adorning the walls.
they are for sale, and while they are still available, its a good chance for you to give these girls a good home or take a look at them in real life.

LADY - SHOP 3, 237 FLINDERS LANE - MELBOURNE (enter via Scott Alley)

my name is baby doll

i keep my own company madelinealexia


  1. pretty pretty. I love the white lace dress & the painting on the far right. will you be turning more of your photos into tees? ;)

  2. thanks!

    at the moment, i am thinking of creating some illustrations especially for the tees, rather than using some of my past ones.

  3. Oh gosh, your art always makes my heart sing!

  4. oooh, this is one of my favourite shops ever. I was over in Melbourne in April and found it- then went I came back the next day to show my mum I couldn't find it again! so beautiful- your things will fit in wonderfully! xx

  5. Aww goshdarnit! I can't believe I'm on the other stupid side of the world! >:[
    I would love to see your art!
    And ahhhhhhhh do you know if they sell online? I couldn't find a link on their myspace for buying online, but I am quite smitten with the blue & white lace number... Do you know how much it would cost? xo Sprinkle

  6. Thank you! I'd love that.
    Depending on how much it costs,
    perhaps I could pay you back or something,
    & pay you shipping... But again, I'd
    have to find out how much it costs first!
    xoxo Sprinkle

  7. hi caitlin, pretty dresses indeed + how much do i love your work, absolutly fabulous. found you through igor and andre. x

  8. my paintings are at lady too !!
    I love your work.. especially the bruised knee girls xx


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