Tuesday, September 15, 2009

prussian blue

ive been drawing things non-stop.
never in my life have i had this much work to do.
except my world still revolves around episodes of the nanny at 3:30 pm every day.
what will fran drescher wear? that is the most important question.

1. some fires were lit in the bush (by the fire brigade) behind my house, to burn off excess leaf litter.
except the smoke just travelled right into my house and almost caused asphyxiation and headaches to everyone here.

2. i went op-shopping on friday and managed to find a tonne of good stuff.
a print by chad at monpetitfantome and a bunny brooch by emelie lindberg.
plus a pair of ferragamos that are unfortunately too small for me.


  1. very nice, I love them all together. Ferragamos always are the hardest to fit into, but they are so lovely. I want that broach, so cute!!

  2. As ever some beautiful photography and colours. Hope you're all recovering from being smoked out.

  3. Love the contrast between the two pictures
    That bunny brooch is absolutely adorable


  4. god these pictures draw me in completely. stunning shots!

  5. I agree with heleen--especially the photo of your backyard. Its mesmorizing.
    xoxo Sprinkle

  6. oh those shoes are so beautiful, shame about the size.
    at least they will stay unscratched and beautiful!

  7. I didn't even noticed that it was a little squeeshed until now. It's ok though, still lovely!! Yes the cd is great, I particularly loved the beach boys song, as the summer is coming to a close for me, it feels about right.

  8. i always love love reading your blog posts :- )
    you said you never had so much work to do before? what kind of work are you doing? : O

  9. Your photo is gorgeous but wow... the smoke getting into your home is so disturbing.

  10. I often wonder the same thing... love your blog!


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