Thursday, September 3, 2009

t shirts.

Drum roll please.
I am so excited to reveal my first ever range of t shirts!
Wearable art has been something I've wanted to get into for ages now, and so i am very, very happy to present these little beauties to you. okay! here goes:
for sale

My illustrations on american apparel %100 cotton tees!
They have been printed using direct to garment printing and are so soft.
I've been wearing my own ones alot. I love them! And as a girl who never wears t shirts, thats saying something.
They look really cool tucked into high waisted jeans or velvet skirts and you can even roll the sleeves up if you want.

ponytail tee

bobbypin tee

the most beautiful prince tee
the most beautiful prince

funny face tee
funny face

the bleeding knees club tee
the bleeding knees club

They are available to buy from my etsy shop: pepperminte, or directly from redbubble.

xo xo xo
love always,
from caitlin.


  1. Definitely sweating the one with the knees! It reminds me of this photo I took:

  2. I think I am in love with the fourth one. The detail of the little blue bows is perfect.

  3. Very very. I love funny face and the knees the best. You are very clever!

  4. love them caitlin!!!
    i saw that redbubble had v-necks (yayyyy!), so i promptly ordered the bloody knees. i can't wait to wear it about :)

  5. hello caitlin,
    i know i got mail at home fromyou which is already exciting. i'm in new york right now. i'd love to have one bobbypin shirt and one bleeding knee club one. size s or xs if you have that. sweet!

  6. thanksssss!!!

    chad- i forgot to mention that they come in different styles! oops.

  7. OMG. The bloody knees! I gotta order that in a v-neck!

  8. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to choose between the bloody knees or the pony tail! Wish I could afford both!

  9. corrie- ouch!

  10. caitlin! these are fantastic! i'm loving the ponytail one, but i'd much prefer vneck. is there anyway we can order different style directly from you?

  11. i love love love bleeding knees too (i shouted you out: i will mos def get one (come payday :)

  12. I love every single one. I have zero art talent myself so what you're doing really impresses me.

  13. um, these are perfect. i can definitely picture these tucked into a high waisted skirt, kinda reminds me of a look i saw on alexa chung. i'm broke but i dont care. i will find the money for one of these!!

  14. these make my <3 melt.
    please also bring back your drawn totes! i'm dying to have one

  15. WOW! I want one, Caitlin these are SO adorable! I think everyone on Etsy will want one!

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Im in love with your shirts and especcially the bleeding knees club! How amazing!!

    Too bad it's like 15 euros (something like that) more expensive when I buy them at your pepperminte shop...But I'm very curious about the special gifts so probably it is worth it :-).


  18. I adore your work and I've bought your bleeding knees bag a while back and I LOVE these T-shirts but I just can't afford it. Could you possibly offer a deal? such as $150 (aus) for all 5 T-shirts? just a suggestion.

    x. Lucy Orchid
    (evalovinlucy on deviantart)

  19. i just LOOOOOVED the bleeding knees club one !!

    RLY GREAT !!!!

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