Friday, October 16, 2009


a. on monday i spent the whole day drawing until my fingers were almost blistered. i am happy with the way things are evolving.
b. insomnia, why are you haunting me all of a sudden? i prefer sleeping and dreaming of tv characters. donald draper, eyeloveyew.
c. wasting all my gold coins on claw machine games and never winning hello kitty pillows or bears with zipper backs.
d. butter sugar donuts. light as clouds.
e. david lynch. a genius among men. would you like to see him give a report on the weather? yes you would!
f. friends are fun and i love friends.
g. nicola pretty as a baby peach. (my girls are hiding in there.)
h. dream house complete with unicorn taxidermy and chaise lounges.

and here are some pictures of my paintings. glimmering close ups and a blonde girl who didnt make the final cut.



  1. You are such a beeyoooootifull talented girl. [:
    You continue to inspire me every single day.
    xoxo Sprinkle

  2. I do like your recent use of glitter - it gets me inspired.

  3. what a great style! love it...all of it!

  4. I love:
    h. dream house complete with unicorn taxidermy and chaise lounges.

    I really truly wholeheartedly love that.
    Youre amazing and you produce so much art! How are you so creative?

  5. thankyooooooou!

    erika- thats a hard question to answer. i guess pictures are my whole life and i cannot help but love them and be obsessed by them, and then in turn make them too. maybe it was a little seed that was implanted in my tummy during womb stages and its just beginning to blossom.
    plus, i dont go to school, so art is pretty much my dayjob/hobby/passion.

  6. I think I can understand how you feel. I just envy how much you can make, I get stuck with my drawings all the time but you just do it and there it is, and it's so classy and stylish in it's own kidish way. :)

    I wish I came up with that line about unicorn taxidermy, that fills me up with sparkles every time i read it!


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