Sunday, October 18, 2009

frankie photo book + ghost + sneak peek

whee whee. the frankie photo book has been released and one of my photos is inside!
ive been reading frankie since the 2nd issue, adoring the florals and dresses and girlishness... and so this is one dream fulfilled.
fingers crossed they might publish my drawings sometime. thats another dream! :)
frankie photo book

& a salt shaker ghost i found at a thrift store. he has a brother who holds pepper and they join together to hug.

p.s. some new ladies i have been working on. hermitude painting time!
sneak peek


  1. aww, i have those s&p shakers so cute. this post made me really happy. thank you.

  2. awesome! i have the photo album, but i didn't know that was you!

  3. go you! that is amazing! xxx

  4. Thats so amazing that your photo is in the book!

  5. Oh, congratulations on the book! :)

  6. congrats! I bought the same salt and pepper in halifax.

  7. Hey Caitlin! Long time no see but recently I added your blog to my GoogleReader so I can finally see your things again, yay! (:
    And oh! I'm in that book too, could you please take a picture of my picture and send it to me to I still haven't ordered my copy, I'm going to do it right right now!
    Thanks so much. Nice to know about you again *:

  8. It's so great about your photo being in a book! I love that salt-shaker as well, I have a pair of cats, a black and white one. I love collecting things for when I have my own place. My favorite kitchen items are polka dot mugs.

  9. what a perfect book and yes I received my most beautiful prince and your all of your lovely things are on their way to you. I added some prezzes!!


  10. Hehehehe.... that salt sharker is AWESOME! Super awesome find!!!!


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