Sunday, October 18, 2009

leeloo presents: once upon

leeloo presents: once upon

i dont think i have ever been so excited about an art show before!
leeloo and ambush gallery are teaming up to put on a show of extraordinary talent that should not be missed. each lovely female artist has been assigned a fairytale and will create four special artworks just for the show.
and the best thing is that i have been asked to exhibit!
my theme is cinderella, and i will be posting some progress shots here on the blog, but if you want to see the final works, youve gotta scoot over to the show!

if you live in sydney, please do come! (invite all of your friends!!!)
here is the facebook invite, for more info and friend inviting.
it really is going to be superbly magical opening night.
im dreaming up a princess-ish costume to wear already. a pink rose garland crown and im thinking a beautiful white lace dress.

x caitlin.


  1. that show sounds like it would be amazingly fun! wish i lived in sydney so i could go!

  2. this is going to be an amazing night!

  3. Never have I ever wished I lived in Sydney more... congratulations though and looking forward to seeing your in progress work

  4. I'd so love to come, but I live in Germany :-(
    congrats and hope, you're having a wonderful night!

  5. Oh, I'm so so so so unbelievingly excited for the show as well!!
    I'm Maddy by the way, and I love love love your artwork and i'm positively beaming to be in the same quaint exhibition as you and so many of the wonderfully creative, talented and utterly awesome people that i spend my late insomniac nights filled with on the world wide web and only dreamed of meeting in real life!! make sense? probably not, sorry, but not much does!
    i will be the girl with an afro, i can't wait to say hello. :) :) :)

    peace, maddy

  6. Ooh Goodluck lovely! Your work is totally inspiring, you'll do amazingly xoxo

  7. wow!! this sounds like so much fun... now i want to visit Australia even more.... we never have anything like this here...

    ps... can not wait to see you work...

  8. I wish I could come and see this exhibition. :)

  9. Hi Caitlin, love your pictures! I'm in this exhibition too, and popping up to Sydney for the opening night. Can't wait to see what everyone else does. Keep up the great work. Ben :)


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