Saturday, October 10, 2009

mirrors, group art show in sydney

this coming wednesday (the 14th) is the opening night of mirrors, a group show with the theme of self image and inner beauty. if you are in sydney, i suggest you check it out! many great artists are taking part, and it looks to be a lovely show.

mirrors- group art show in sydney

general viewing runs from the 15th to 24th of october, and all nominated works sold raise money for the butterly foundation.

my painting dahlia will be a part of this show, which i am very excited about. it's actually a bit of a weird coincidence that i was asked to be involved with mirrors. it turns out that Sarah o'Rourke, the organiser, was the girl who i spotted at the local shops, carrying one of my limited edition tote bags!

for more info on mirrors, have a look at the facebook invite or the blog.

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