Saturday, October 3, 2009

we are healthy

yael frankel has released a new collaborative colouring book, and the picture that i submitted made it to the front cover.
fruit salad pants! dont you wish these were real?
(photos by yael frankel.) to pick up an issue, head to:

we are healthy

and a progress shot of a girl who floated out of the paper after i watched picnic at hanging rock. (...........mirandaaaa, where are youuuuuu?).
that film is the older sister of the virgin suicides. (a haunting musical score, languid girls in white dresses, loss and the sorrow that follows.)

a very weird and very full week has come to an end.
drawings of boys are swimming into my head, fully realised.
i dont want to see another gravestone for the rest of the year.
the world both repels and entices me.
and i have come to the conclusion that i do not actually like hitchcock.


  1. oh congrats on making the front cover!
    you are so talented ♥

  2. wow, congrats....your work deserves the front!!

  3. congratulations that is SO exciting! xx

  4. how wonderful!
    picnic is one of my favourite movies ever
    so creepy and beautiful


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