Wednesday, November 11, 2009

current work and sneak peeks

i finished all four cinderella themed paintings for the once upon exhibition and sent them in. the opening night is next thursday (the 19th) at ambush gallery in sydney and i am realllly looking forward to it. i cant show the final paintings until the show happens, so these sneaks will have to suffice.

once upon

ive gone through a weird melancholy bout of ennui and havent even wanted to touch a paintbrush. i guess this comes and goes in waves. so i had to imaginarily slap myself in the face and get going again. there are alot of drawings waiting to be coloured in.

spring maiden, maiden voyage


and to my surprise, when flipping through the latest frankie magazine, i found my swan girl sitting there.
also, amelia at further ado asked me some questions about my art, and so there is a little interview here:


goodbye dear diary, cyberspace unknown world, full of crop circles and stuff.
(p.s. crop circles. made by aliens or not???)


  1. yay! can wait to thurs to see all the beautiful pieces..
    and I am totally in love with your half finished drawings!! i have a bit of a thing for works in progress, they are already looking so special!


  2. i love your art! they are fabulous!

  3. gorgeous, as always!
    i am loving the metallic skulls on the tights.

  4. oh my! i am already in love and i can hardly see half of it! i look forward to your posting it :D

  5. I get "painters-block". It's either that I have literally no ideas but want to paint, or loads of ideas but no energy to actually get them out on paper. You always seem so busy working though so maybe you just need a nice break once in a while. When you get back into it, they will look magnificent and it'll make it worth it. Can't wait to see the cinderella set, should be really good!

  6. Crop cirlces = fake
    Cinderella = awesome theme for you!
    Slap in the face = I need one too!

    oo... my girl is there too! Must go look see..


  7. oh my. those photos are amazing.

    p.s. : I love those drawings as they are. isn't that always hard. when they look good "unfinished" but you know they will also look good finished! oh my!!

    crop circles? pretty to look at.

  8. Your drawings are just so perfect!

  9. oooooooh i'm dying to see the girl-with-the-fabulous-deathhead-pants.
    you rocks
    i'm in love with you blog

  10. I saw this and thought of you...

    Hope you're painters block has gone away, I would be very sad not to see more of your creations.

  11. Dear Caitlin,
    you're getting better and better!♥

  12. these look amazing, that exhibition sounds so exciting.

  13. Wow, your drwaings are awesome.
    Keep posting :)

  14. Those two half coloured images are absolutely gorgeous. I love them!!


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