Saturday, November 21, 2009

Once Upon : Cinderella

thursday met us with a heatwave and also the opening of once upon at ambush gallery. the night was quite overwhelming in all its delight! putting aside melting makeup and a stifling temperature, my friends and i travelled down to ambush gallery. coincidentally three of us were dressed in black and looked like a funeral posse. behind the golden arches of McDonalds hid ambush gallery and a swarm of art adorers and fairytales bordered by white baroque frames. i had to step outside and compose myself a few times. the quantity and quality of art shown was astounding. i am just so glad i was lucky enough to be able to take part. overwhelmed, i was so overwhelmed!
all in all, the night was stellar. i met some lovely people, saw alot of great art and enjoyed wine, free frankie magazines and the company of my extraordinarily supportive friends.
highlights of the night included seeing works by courtney brimms, bec winnel and sarah mcneil in the flesh, midnight nachos with alejandro, beetle brooches, nervous conversations and fran drescher adoration.
i was also pleased to find that one of my paintings had sold on the first day! yay.
the exhibition and leeloo pop up store are open until the 22nd of November, so go and have a look if you live nearby.
(4a James street, Waterloo, Sydney.)
p.s. if you are interested in buying works, there are some available here:

cinderella sweeps

the glass slippers

the moonlit castle

the handsome prince


  1. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I saw you there but I didn't know what to say!
    It was still really nice to be there and to see your artworks up close x

  2. oh the sky in the last one is so cute. i wish i be there...

  3. Oh it is amazing to finally see all the finished works! They're astounding, I love them all - especially the glitter details and butterfly hems. I'm very happy the opening went so well :)

  4. the second the the fourth are my favourites. Good luck in making beauty.

  5. Sounds like you had a great night! Congratulations on selling a painting on the first night too, that's amazing. I like the angle of the feet in the high glass slippers. I also love the eyelash and glitter detail on the last one. Beautiful as always!

  6. yahoi sugar mama, so glad ya sold some hot stuff to some hottie magees, woo hoo, love, ya secret admirer, smooch, mwah

  7. i so wish i could afford to buy your glass slipper painting, it is divine x

  8. Sounds like a lovely night Caitlin! Wish I could have made it! Nice to sell on the first night! I was lucky as well ;)

  9. it was oh-so lovely to meet you! it was a wonderful night!
    i just wanted to know if you'd like to do an art swap? not sure if i mentioned it on thursday but it's so fun getting stuff in the mail!
    send me a message with your address if you want to, and i'll post you something soon when i'm done with my exams this week (aagh).

    p.s if i had the money i would have bought ALL of your pieces, i loved them all so much!!

    x's and o's

  10. Oh my, your work is amazing. Speechless.

  11. I love how you incorporate glitter into your pieces. I also really love Cinderella's lashes in the last one. Beautiful work.

  12. Ooh. I'm in love with the second piece.
    And congrats on you work selling! There's no better feeling in the world than knowing people appreciate your work enough to hang it on their wall or something of the sort.

  13. I love the butterflies on her outfits
    and the prince and cinderella hug is delightful

  14. You are very talented! I love your castle one with all the glitter and the different blues and purples. Love your blog xxx


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