Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sad face

i'm always finding out about fantastic bands a month after they have played in australia, or after they've quit the music business or you know, when they are dead.
lately, ive become stuck on grizzly bear, and today i found out that this dear group are playing four gigs in sydney and all are sold out.
i should try to be on top of things, because this is crushing news.
youtube will have to suffice for a little bit longer.

i bought some tarot cards to make myself feel better.
i want to spend the summer invoking spirits and telling the fortunes of my friends.

two weeks, by grizzly bear. film clip by patrick daughters.
(who happens to own the very best last name in the world.)
those unevenly blinking eyes are captivating.

happier times are visiting, but i dont feel much like painting right now.


  1. they are incredibly mesmerising.

  2. oh yes, i recently discovered them too! i hadn't seen this film clip though, it's really quite grand! they are so strange and innocent looking!

  3. they were giving a concert an hour away from my place, two weeks ago, for $10 or so. i didn't have any money or much of will thou, but i liked their performence on Dark Was The Night album, if you know it

  4. Try watching this video!
    It's a fan video, but absolutely amazing. I kind of even think it's better than the official one.
    They played here last night, but the show was sold out months ago so unfortunately I couldn't go.


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