Saturday, November 7, 2009

tap shoes vintage

tap shoes
 tap shoes vintage store
i have opened up a small vintage store on etsy, to share all the little things that i have collected over time.


  1. i wish the clothes in your drawings could come to life, they are always perfect! xxxx

  2. Great illustration for the shop! You've got really great clothes. I like the polkadot dress on ebay the best. If only postage overseas was cheaper!

  3. hey!!
    I wish I could fit in that lace sleeve
    black dress on etsy.
    arggh! I love the tap shoes ill.
    I also have been meaning to thank you for
    all of the great stuff you sent. i'm also glad
    that you loved your items!! Love the sailor tee story!!


  4. Love those shoes! Not surprising they are Ferragamo's :-)

  5. I am in a cafe right now but as soon as I get home I'm taking my measurements and snatching some of your beautiful clothes!

  6. What enchanting pictures you draw!
    It's so heartbreaking having to clean out your wardrobe. But boy, how good does it look afterwards?

  7. love the Tap Shoes illustration!

  8. I have that lace dress on my christmas list 10 times! has anyone bought it yet?! x

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