Sunday, December 6, 2009

new prints

new prints

ive just re-stocked my etsy shop full of the newest prints.
there are also heaps of originals going for sale, too. just in time for christmas, i think! and hopefully not too late. there are also a few tee shirts left over, too.

if you would like to order any prints that aren't currently instore, let me know.
i am very happy to take custom orders.
prints in the sold archives are still available by request, and all prints are also available in a 6x8 size, if you would prefer.
oh, and to make sure they arrive in time for christmas, please place your orders before december 15.

x caitlin.



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  2. There is an award waiting for you on my blog. Happy holidays, you really make wonderful things.

  3. Ah, beautiful! I think I can safely say your shop is of the most beautiful I have seen on Etsy. I LOVE your bleeding knees T-shirt and the whimsical headbands. <3

  4. I neeed one of those tshirts!I love your work!
    Lily @

  5. So incredibly enchanting and talented! Love the blog! Hope you are having a happy 2010

  6. these are truly beautiful, I love the simplicity


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