Saturday, December 5, 2009

pencil it in

and here are some more pencil girls that ive been drawing.

fortune teller.
im learning to read tarot cards. there are too many to remember, so it might take me a while. i told my own future though and id like to believe that the cards knew what they were talking about. that's a little bit unsettling.


a ginger bridesmaid.
she's holding a sticker made of a pressed flower.
i have about five packets, but i'm attached to them in a weird way, so i hesitate to use them. precious about stickers? i'm going maaad.

my bridesmaid

close up face

sausage dog fangirl.
i've been catching up on twin peaks at night. provides me with some strange apocalyptic dreams.


gravedigging witch.
she makes me uncomfortable.



  1. Nevermind. I am precious about my stickers also. I bought a beautiful pack of stickers inspired by vintage stamps and envelopes last time I was in the NSW gallery gift shop and haven't used a single one. They're much too beautiful..Silly isn't it? But it makes sense to me. x

    P.S I noticed we are both Central Coastians of NSW. Twins!

  2. Love your style Caitlin! Love Twin Peaks also. Ben :)

  3. SO Cute! i love the ginger bridesmaid! x

  4. I watched this scary thing on tarrot cards.
    I wanted to learn how to palm read.
    I dont think I would ever want to know my future,
    as I'm scared mine would also be unsettling.

    much love,

  5. aaah! i really really think this is adorable... :D

  6. i was just watching some twin peaks today
    it's a lovely mental place to be

  7. I love the top one the mostest most :_) especially with the comment, it makes me think of her saying it in a slightly hesitating, innocent way. love these!!!!

  8. Haha, I am so the same way, saving random things because I like them... but saving them for what? Didn't I buy them to use them? I have these conversations with myself often.

  9. The girl with the dog skirt has hair that kind or reminds me of mine. This makes me want a dog skirt. Haha!

  10. I love stickers, but I am the same. I just can't use them when they are really good. Silly really, since I probably won't want stickers all over things in 5 years. But knowing me, I probably will! I really like these drawings by the way, especially the red headed girl. If only your drawings were real clothes!

  11. pretty
    I'm precious about stickers too haha

  12. These are brilliant! Got to love Twin Peaks. It always gave me bizarre dreams too, but mostly featuring Bob. x

  13. absolutly stunnning pieces, im partial to this style very inspiring, at the moment my blog is practically empty but alot of my art is coming up soon, follow and ill have it up soon enough


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