Thursday, December 3, 2009


something about the immediacy of drawing with pencils is so gratifying.
making ten drawings in one night instead of one painting in five days makes me feel as if im doing lots and lots of things with my time.
i also find it very therapeutic.


close up

in the real drawing, her entire eye is about 7mm long.
i get so used to drawing miniscule things but its taking its toll on my squinty eyes.


  1. hope you are feeling okay, honey sweety ; A ;

    you're art is amazing like always... the sweet little details always gets me!

    when i am sad, i like to draw imaginary people on paper and it always cheers me up... so i know how u feel...

  2. thankyou S.
    you do draw beautiful imaginary people, so im glad to read such a sweet message from you.

    im not very sad, really. just lonely. perpetually lonely. its a curse!

  3. oh noes!! that curse always seems to haunt only the most talented artists!!

    but but but i'm sure a lovlee maiden like you can't stay lonley for TOO long, really! D:

  4. i love your blog and your drawings, you are a real source of inspiration! /fanny

  5. ohh so pretty caitlin!
    i find i feel the same way about pencils and micron pens on paper. my paintings take FOREVER but drawings on paper is much more therapeutic at times and definately much faster.

  6. Beautiful!

    Lovely blog!

  7. Oh she's gorgeous! i wish I could see the other drawings you did too, I love this! Very simple, elegant, and effective. I do hope you share the others :-)

  8. I really love this. Not so much for the immediacy and speed, but because something in this drawing feels a lot more loose then your usual style of painting. It has a very "of the moment" feeling that also somehow makes this feel more real.

  9. you're right, drawing with a pencil feels so nice and i love the sound it makes


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