Thursday, January 7, 2010

eugene victor tooms

sorry to dissapear, but i was abducted by aliens.
(well, abducted into the land of the x-files, with mulder and scully by my side.)
hooray for a new year and a blank slate that will hopefully be filled up with all sorts of gorgeous things.
i havent been doing alot of painting as of late. vacation and tekken battles and 1940's movies and parties and spying out of windows have stolen all my time.
for now, lets rewind to the beginning of last year, and say hello to some girls who have been silent for a while.

the siren

margot tenenbaum


jennifer chen at modcloth wrote a lovely article about my drawings for the modlife blog. click!


  1. beautiful as always :)

    my favorite show of all time is the x-files, i own the box set with all 9 seasons. i just wish that they would have closed out the mythology a little more instead of just doing the 'monster of the week' type movies.



  3. welcome back from outer space.
    Love the new/old/hidden-till-now drawings!

    Spying out the window takes up a lot of my time too.....

  4. Loved the interview, the picture of you reminds me of the girl from the labyrinth. I love your eyebrows and style!

  5. margot!!
    I just beat my boyfriend at multiple tekken
    battles. Lili is AWESOME!!

  6. Hmm, your work always makes me so happy :) it's so playful and girly and ah, just lovely.
    I have just received your scribble sheet from Hello, Oppy in the mail and I truly adore it!

  7. Your art always makes my heart ache a little. X

  8. you are so so talented. wow, these are so lovely!

  9. chelsea nicole- i am slowly making my way through all the seasons. oubliette is my favourite episode so far, i think! or the one in the freak show village with the fiji mermaid.

    monika viktoria- spying is so much more fun when there are racy things happening on the street below!

    博子 川久 - a young jennifer connely! well, thats quite the compliment. thanks.

    kirstine- im so hopeless at tekken really. my friends are all much better and actually competitive, so ive come face to face with too many 'perfect' battles. it makes me cry!

    heleen- what a lovely coincidence that it was you who won the scribble sheet.

  10. Hahaha! My little bro got the first season of X-Files for Christmas and that was all we watched for like three weeks! Tooms was a creeper!
    My other brother just bought the second season last night, so I know what I'll be watching for the rest of January...


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