Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RISOGRAPHICA! group show by Jacky Winter artists.


Jacky Winter, the beautiful illustration agency that has taken me under its wing, is putting on a RISO print show to start the new year. I'm absolutely over the moon to be in a show with artists of this caliber. Being my first experience with RISO printing, i'm so keen to see the results. Miss engaged, (above) will be transformed by the RISO technique which adopts various screenprinting, photocopying, and offset lithography technologies to create a distinctive image.

so attend the show or stayed tuned to my blog if you live on the other side of the world. the RISO image will be revealed soon!


Participating Artists: Andrea Innocent, Andrew Joyner, Beci Orpin, Ben Sanders, Caitlin Shearer, Clemens Habicht, Dane Flighty, Fleur Harris, Good Wives & Warriors, Guy Shield, James Gulliver Hancock, Jane Reiseger, Karan Singh, Kat Macleod, Kat Chadwick, Kate Banazi, Lilly Piri, Madeleine Stamer, Martin Abel, Matt Davidson, Matt Huynh, Mel Stringer, Neryl Walker, Niels Oeltjen, Oslo Davis, Paul Nolan, Pauline Matthewman, Rik Lee, Rudi De Wet, Sonia Kretschmar, tin&ed. Tim Molly, Travis Price, And WBYK.

When: Opening Night Thur 4 Feb, 6-9 pm
Exhibition runs from 5 Feb to 20 Feb
Where: Lamington Drive, 89 George St, Fitzroy, Vic 3065, Australia.

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  1. congratulations, dear girl; you certainly deserve such an honor <3

    i'm sure your beautiful drawings will steal the show!


  2. That is fantastic! I can't wait to see the final result. Oh, when you become rich and famous from your art can you hire someone to make all the clothes your girls wear? I want it all!

  3. barebear- fame and riches! thats too much to comprehend. i just want a house full of babies and cats and contentedness.
    one day, when i have the time, i would like to attempt making these imaginary clothes into real ones.


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