Thursday, January 28, 2010

what i wore

tuesday 19th january


i think i'm going to adopt the method of drawing in my diaries instead of writing in them.


  1. Oh wow ! These are delightfully lovely !

  2. I am in love with your drawings. Definitely seems like the drawing diaries seems like the great way to go.

    Great Post!
    Dani-Elle from,

  3. oh oh oh i think i have a doppelganger version of the second dress that i sewed as well! we must have strange siamese twin sorts of minds.

  4. !!!
    Have you ever been in one of Barney's installations?
    (I'm a fan of yours back from DA. Your art just gets better and better. I am jealous!)

  5. I'm so glad i found your blog/your work. It's amazing.. and i'm definitely buying one of your bleeding knees t-shirts when i get paid! I also love your love of x files... i just finished watching all 9 series and both films in just a couple of months. A-mazing. x

  6. Oh I absolutely LOVE that rose dress (ironically because my name is Rose...!)
    Such a beautiful handmade dress and awesome blog! I love your drawings and outfits. Your blog is so original, nothing I have ever seen before.
    So cool!
    Rose from


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