Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Couple Of Sketchbook Girls.

island holiday

what i wore

black lagoon

midnight bathtubs, mermaids, cobra coffee, nigella lawson, smoked salmon, secret wasabi.
That's my life this week.


  1. lol, i was so sad that you got a scully badge, i actually ordered one off of ebay and was going to ship it to you when it got here! that was my surprise!

    this one, you'll be getting it anyway ;)


  2. oh, oh, i like the black lagoon, her hair is lovely.

  3. I love the black lagoon piece. I'm so glad to see that you're wearing your Ferragamos! I wish they would have fit so badly.


  4. Big time diggin on your art. I tend to go gaga for drawings filled with watecolor.

  5. love 'the black lagoon'. I would totes buy it as a print ;)

  6. I saw your work in Oyster and thought it was so lovely!

    Nothing beats a good smattering of freckles!

  7. thanks all!

    Lillian- just picked up that issue of oyster on the weekend, so excited!!

  8. Oh, nice tip, I'm off to find a copy of oyster then. If it's got a healthy dose of caitlin drawings in it :-)

    ps... I think I found out what your secret project is... I was flipping through a fashion magazine... and there was a picture... of: (insert secret)

  9. Monika- i was commissioned to illustrate a piece of writing in Oyster. I'm really glad with how it turned out and shall be uploading a photo tomorrow. :)

    p.s. yes! it's a fashion related secret project. all will be revealed soon. may i ask which magazine you saw an inkling in?


  10. loving the freckles and the shoes in the first picture. x

  11. You can never have too much candy! I came back from a party and found 3 lollipops in my bag this morning. Not quite sure how I got them though.. I love the lagoon sketch by the way, it's so simple but dark. And I wish I had the freckled girl's bikini!

  12. I love that you depicted the candy! You're so cute :D

  13. the hair falling in the hole. reminds me of a darker version of alice in wonderland. i like!

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