Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday + Ouija Boards


Just lately, my friends and i have been getting into the Occult! (well, If you can call a glow-in-the-dark Hasbro ouija board occultish.)
I'm wary to say that I do believe in spirits, but it is hard to deny such things when the ouija board spelt my name after we attempted to call upon a deceased relative of mine. & then, to freak me out a little bit more:'love, love, love' the ouija board spelt out repeatedly. To top it all off, this seance of sorts took place well after midnight in a tree house platform next to an abandoned/haunted stable. I've heard of evil spirits haunting ouija purveyors long after the game board has been folded up and stashed under ones bed, but luckily, this did not happen to me. However, one of out circle has had a week full of exploding rubbish bins and missing objects. Haunted? I wonder.
If you have any creepy stories concerning ghosts or ouija boards, i would love to hear about it. I Find this kind of thing extremely captivating.

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  1. i used to play with ouija boards all the time when i was little, usually with my grandma. we stayed up until 3 am when i was still a little girl asking questions. nothing had ever happened, but that night she had bought me a magic 8 ball and set it on the table.

    that magic 8 ball flew across the table and hit the wall, i swear on my life. it scared myself and my gram so badly that we trashed the ouija boards.

    i love hearing haunted, creepy stories. i've always wanted to go to a haunted castle or asylum and stay the night, but no one will ever go, lol.

  2. I love how you draw the female body figure.
    Please please please if you are going to do a ouija board, ask for protection first and use protective stones because that is such a dangerous way to contact the dead D:
    *worried for you*

  3. i've never used an ouija board but i've always been so interested in it also :)

  4. Oh this is lovely Ive been into occult ever since I was 11 years old when I discovered a hidden pagan store really close to my house and began going there everyday! Ive had two incidents with a Ouija board (mine was glow in the dark too) they were both really creepy and my sister and I ended up running out of the room both times

  5. Just the thought of a Ouija board scares me, I don't think I'd ever be able to join in with anything like that. I agree with H K, very dangerous.
    Many creepy things have happened to my family and people I know, but I myself don't seem to attract much attention on that front, sadly. I'm facinated by it all, yet I still can't decide whether i'd want to be witness to anything or not.

    The 'love, love, love' is reaaaaally spine-tinglingly creepy. Obsessive, much?

    P/s - I love the Luke Wilson episode, it's hilarous! I love the episodes when they each have a differnet take on an event and bicker about it. "..ok.. maybe he didn't have buck teeth.." The cameos are exciting, so many fantastic actors you would never expect to see.

  6. I like this drawing very much!

    Oh! I have done lots of ouija boards with my friends. We've had some lovely friendly spirits and some nasty ones too. I don't know if this happened for you, but there was a large area of cold air next to us and the spirit told us that it was her. Another time we asked the spirit if we could see it and it said no, but spelled out "watch this" and all the candles blew out, we were quite impressed. I haven't done a seance in ages though because we got freaked out a lot. I might do it again though, i do think it's very interesting.

    xx maddy

  7. i've had a really strange event happen because of a ouija board. we werent using at the time because we all thought someone else was moving the glass. so we started burning a leaf under the glass instead out of boredom. a friend of mine hit the glass away, ran for about 100m, passed out while running and panting. then woke up, breathing normally and not remembering anything. She was also known for apparently talking to spirits, I was never there, but other people have reported it about parted family members. then a lot of people that were there started really freaking out and we all had to spend the night together to make sure everyone was ok. it was eventful to say the least.

  8. Marvelous blog.
    If you want to take a firm step into the TRUE occult... walk this way...
    Would love to hear from you...
    Rev. E.M. Camarena


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