Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swan Handled Umbrella

A little sketchbook painting. Oh, how i would love to have my own swan umbrella!

Swan handled umbrella

close up


  1. I love this one so much- I have a dress just like it, but no wonderful swan umbrella.

    Anyway, even though I just bought a print from you two weeks ago that hasn't made it across the Pacific Ocean just yet, I would totally buy this one if you ever offered it as a print.

  2. i agree with the swan umbrella comment.

  3. my auntie had one once, i was oh so jealous of her

  4. This makes me see the downpour outside in a whole new different way :)

  5. I wish i could get enoughly inspired to fill my sketchbook with such beautiful things as you do. ♥

  6. Hello's hun,you have some blog bling...I've given you a blog award, you can go and pick it up over at prettyneons---you sooooooooo deserve it.
    This is one of my fave illustrations of yours so far, it's magical :)
    peace & bows...
    moi X

  7. lovely! I want one too.
    I had a duck umbrella, but it's quite different from having a swan umbrella...

  8. Amalia- Thanks. I'm interested to hear which brand designed your dress, as this one just popped into my head. Funny to think that it has a sister out there. Oh, and i hope the print arrives soon.

    prettyneons- well, thankyou for the award.

    Teri- either would be nice! a duck or a swan. maybe even a penguin?

  9. I haven't checked your blog in a while, but now that I have I remember how much I admire your productivity and class
    XXX Erika

  10. this is so gorgeous. your art is some of my absolute favorite art in the world!

  11. I have to say, I love the noses you draw! They fascinate me. Just too cute!


  12. i wonder would fimo with a thick wire inside be strong enough to make a handle? i could give it a test for fun if you like =)


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