Sunday, March 28, 2010

Karla Špetić AW10 collection launch.

The Karla Špetić launch was such a blast!
With the delectable pastel printed clothes hung on mannequins and a collection of my paintings set up throughout the Corner Shop, this was an amazing culmination of much hard work, and a really fabulous night.  Everything was impeccably beautiful. The printed pieces made my jaw drop, as the silk they are printed on is luxuriously soft. Plastic fruit hung from the ceiling and miniature cones of Gelato were served on vintage china plates. I've never seen a more beautiful and stylish assortment of people in one room. so many girls with translucent skin! so many amazing clothes! I met many lovely new people, and actually talked for three hours straight.
 I created a new range of paintings especially for the exhibit, and even worked on a larger scale.  (After dabbling with paper twice the size of the one i am comfortable with, i'm pleased with the result. will definitely be continuing this for other exhibitions!) Despite my overwhelmed-ness i really got to enjoy myself once the paintings were up on the walls. Even had a shiny new taffeta dress to wear thanks to my amazing Mum.
It was such an honour to exhibit in the Corner Shop, so i think this was the highlight of my year.
It's actually hard to put into words how I am currently feeling. I haven't even begun to process what all these amazing things mean to me yet. I'm just over the moon! Deliriously glad.
The night was made perfect by the company of my marvellous friends, huge portions of chinese food at eating world and late night karaoke. (2 pages of Elvis songs to choose from!)

I only managed to take a few good photos of a couple of the paintings, but they will be on display throughout the Corner Shop for the next couple of weeks. Corner shop, Level 1, Strand Arcade, Sydney, Australia.


all lined up and ready to go!

In progress. Am really loving Metallic and opalescent paints right now. They glow like magic.

a photo of the back of a painting, held up to the sun.

Vogue Australia Instyle Harpers Bazaar Aus
some recent magazines that the printed pieces have popped up in! click to see them bigger.


  1. wowowWOW!
    You're on the same page as Miu Miu! You're feature is really fantastic!

  2. it all came together so spot on perfectly. congratulations on the features too :)!

  3. It was SUCH a fantastic night!! It was a true delight getting to meet you, even though I think my boisterous loudness overwhelmed you even more, heee, oops!!! (champagne and mini ice-creams turned out to be a deadly combination!!)
    A day doesn't go by that I don't peek my head into the shop now on my lunch breaks to ogle your paintings some more..... they're so so fantastic. :-)
    much love!!! ~monika

  4. Wow this must have been so so exciting! Your paintings look absolutely wonderful. I really hope more exciting things will come of it for you (judging by those magazines I think this is fairly certain!)

  5. I would like some of that fabric in the first picture, please! :P Your drawings look awesome. I'm sure it was a great night, everything looks so polished and pretty. Congratulations!

  6. qué trabajo tan asombroso, es imponente...
    Me gustó su pintura de la muchacha con el vestido verde con caniches sobre ello...
    ¡felicitaciones, una brega para una presentación excelente!:)

  7. your illustrations for lingerie are gorgeuse!!

  8. Holy shit - amazing!!! Congrats luv!

  9. All of this looks and is so exciting. Love KS design so will be def taking a closer look.

  10. oh, you are so talented. i hope i can become you in my next life!



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