Monday, March 22, 2010

KS Launch party + press bits.

Dreamer launch party

Please do attend if you live in or near sydney!
I shall be exhibiting a range of brand new never-before-seen paintings & I've even been working on a larger scale, especially for the show.

+ A feature in Cleo magazine.
So glad to be featured on the same page as Catherine Campbell.


+ The printed pieces i designed for the Karla Špetić AW10 collection were featured in an editorial in Grazia magazine.
(they have also popped up in InStyle, Vogue and Harpers bazaar!)



  1. the invite is beautiful, how i wish i could attend!

    i sent you a package a little less than a week ago, i hope you get it soon! i hate waiting, lol.


  2. I'm so happy for you caitlin!!! you must be so excited!


  3. WOA!! the clothing featured in vogue too??????? i must see scans!!!

  4. i'd love to come to see more of your work!! so... do i just turn up?

    - Daria.

  5. pigtails- yes, you may just turn up! the event is open to the public.
    although, it might be safe to send a little rsvp note through to .

    you'll have to tap me on the shoulder and say hello. :)

  6. chelsea- thanks! That is very sweet indeed. i will let you know when it has arrived.

    kirstine- beyond excited, really! everything is taking off. :)

    s.jin - i think i will post some scans then, during the week. didn't want to seem like a total bragger. haha.

  7. I am *so* there... technically I'll be working but I'll ask to take my lunch break during the opening and I'll duck over... so so excited!!

    Will the dresses/jackets/skirts be for sale????


  8. monika- Fantastic! even if you can't end up making it on the night, my art will be staying in the shop for another week or two.

    Karlas's collection will be on sale, yes! But i think the printed pieces will be coming intstore in april. they will be there for browsing on the night though.

  9. oh my gosh, caitlin, this is all just completely amazing! you are going to go so far <3
    i wish wish wish that i could be there, if only i had a transporter to zap me across all the oceans

  10. holy crap way to go girlfriend! i have been watchin yr art since the lj days and you just keep on goin better and better. seems like you're a hard workin gal so congrats!

  11. YES! i hope you do get around to uploading the other scans from the other magazines <3 haha
    i mean, i wouldn't see it as bragging; just merely keeping you're curious fans up to date with your super fantastic progress!! you're going to be so so so super famous one day, if you're not already!

  12. that is so amazing! I love it!

  13. I love that shoot with the red head.

  14. Im so bummed. The show was yesterday and I missed it!!! Congratulations

  15. Oh how I wish I were in Australia...
    You are so accomplished already and so talented!

  16. Sooo pretty; congrats on the collaberation and feature.

  17. this is amazing! I love the printed pieces, they work so well on the garments - I can't imagine it being easy to make illustrated textiles look so beautiful and natural!

  18. can you please email me about your blog header rates. Thank you!

  19. Congratulations !
    Very cute blog, and your drawings are awesome :D



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