Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My shadow + plum

My Shadow

A custom blog header for Nancy Boland.

I'm painting all day every day! only stopping to read snippets of a book about Annette Kellerman, the original Million Dollar Mermaid.
(wish i was a mermaid.)
(instead i am a busy bee.)


  1. aaah i'm glad to hear that you painting all day everyday... cuz your paintings make me happay!!!
    i especially love the lady with the plum.... her peacock dress and honey sunshine hair gives me a good lovely feeling....

    i wish i could be painting all day every day but i have homework and sleeping instead ... D: BUU!

  2. oh i love what you draws and i'm jalous, i wish i could draw all day long..... in fact i did it this week. well, monday and tuesday during my drawing class!! have a nice drawing day then.

  3. You're writing is as sweet as your illustrations.
    Busy bees are fun bees!

  4. Ah, a typo! Forgive me...

  5. (Ah, the typo is just the 'you're'... not the whole thing. I did mean it!)

  6. do you make blog headers for people that ask?

  7. your girls are so so so magical. i kind of want to be them.

  8. Both are very lovely. I love the peacock feathers on the plum girl dress a lot. :-)

  9. thankyou!

    charmaine- such a wonderful compliment! i often feel the same way.

    Nikki- yes! i create custom blog headers for a fee.

  10. Kellerman was a Central Coast woman. My partner has done stories on her for the paper.


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