Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Constellations: a large number of small drawings


I'm really happy to be a part of Constellations, an exhibition of drawings being held at Melbourne's prestigious design school RMIT. Showcasing drawings that span the fields of Music, Architecture, Art, Cartography, Design, Fashion, Textiles, Film, Photography and Science, Constellations explores the role of drawing in today's society and celebrates the many different ways that pencil and paper can be utilised.
My polka dotted lass will be hanging around (on the wall), so if you want to meet her, please do pop in. I'm sure there will be a delightful visual feast to keep your eyes entranced.

Constellations: a large number of small drawings.
8th of April till 26th of June, 2010.
RMIT Gallery
344 Swanston street, melbourne, Australia.

commission for kristin


  1. I love how the blue of her eyes just stands out against the uniform black and white

    It's Cohen


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