Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Paintings

I Imagine she is in the parlour room of a continental steamship. 
At 7pm, her secret lover will arrive. In the meantime, full of anticipation and also seasickness, she chews on the stem of a velvety pink rose.

Maiden Voyage
Caught by surprise in a dimly lit room.

The Youngest Lady In Waiting.
You'll always be a little girl.
The first large painting i've done in years. A3 in size.
The opalescent polka dots and accents glow purple but scan a kind of murky green/grey.

"what are you doing in my bedroom?"
"What are you doing in my bedroom?"


Mary takes the poodles for a walk.
Mary Takes the Poodles for a walk.


  1. *squeals*

    Caitlin, I LOVE them!!! And I LOVE your captions and little story snippets - So cute and cheeky!!

    I LOVE (a lot of things, but really do LOVE: the colours in "taking the poodles for a walk" - that sheer black matched with the turquoise blue? oh my god, so delicious!!!

  2. Thanks Monika,

    I'm having a bit of a brain crisis this morning, so that's really niiiiice of you.

  3. these are great! My favourite is 'mary takes the poodles for a walk'. so clever and beautifully executed :)

  4. I like the background story for the first one. Would be nice to see more of that :)

    Your technique is amazing. I've tried using watercolors and such but I just suck at it. How do you color your drawings? Is it too much for me to ask about specific tools and/or tricks? I'm always curious to know how an artist achieved their work, specially if i can't figure it out by just analyzing it.

    (Also, my first comment here I think)

  5. ahh caitlin, i really love these, and i really love you for sending me more prints with my order! you are the best best best <3
    you don't by any chance do custom work, do you? i am hoping that perhaps you do; i have had this lame fantasy that i could pay you to paint my and my fiance's portraits (seperately, and completely in your style of painting), and i could somehow incorporate into my wedding, and then afterwards hang the portraits up side by side above the fireplace in our living room... obviously you can see how lame this is, not the part with you in it, but just me being a loser for planning lame things in general.
    let me know?


    p.s. i hope you are having a lovely day in australia

  6. thanks everyone!

    Joana- Thankyou.
    I don't know if i can offer any special tips or tricks... as i honestly feel that i'm still a novice and learning how to control this tricky medium myself. i will offer what i can though, in a hope that it may possibly help.
    i like to experiment with different amounts of water mixed with the watercolour paint, it tends to make a big difference as it renders the colours more opaque or less opaque, ...the effects vary dramatically on both ends. and i like to use gouache, and vary the amount of water with that too.
    i think its essential to have a good collection of high quality small paintbrushes. that is essential! nice smooth paper works best for me, as i am able to add of small details that textured paper won't allow.
    to colour my drawings i use multiple washes of colours for the skin, and then the clothing is usually a mix of watercolour, black ink and gouache. i'm not sure really how to describe the method. colouring in, but with a paintbrush, i suppose.
    hope that helps!

    angelica- i would be very happy indeed to paint a portrait of your beautiful self! check your inbox. i'll contact you soon!

  7. Wow i am in love with that poodle dress and it's owner.
    A good month's work I would say!

  8. Oh my goooooooosh I love these. Most especially the maiden voyage, the second beauty in this incredible line up.
    will any of these be available to purchase on etsy, or any prints? I am just in love with the second one!!!

  9. Beautiful works!

    "The Youngest Lady In Waiting" may be my favourite, but it's hard to pick up just one!
    I really love the way you shape the hair of your girls, so feminine and expressive... it really defines their identity.

  10. Oh, what a delight to have so many new pretty drawings to look at on this dreary day! You really have the greatest imagination ever, always coming up with these little sceneries for your girls. And thank you so much for returning my mail so sweetly!

  11. wow!!! love Maiden Voyage!!

  12. Every one of the paintings looks awesome. Why don't you work in larger formats? It would be great for framing!

  13. I especially love "What are you doing in my bedroom?" The expression on her face is fantastic.

  14. lovvveee. i must order more of your prints. i finally got frames for some 4x6 ones i ordered awhile back, and now there are so many more i want!

  15. caitlin, 'novices' aren't featured on the same pages as mui mui in fashion mags. you're the real deal and then some. "What are you doing in my bedroom?" is great, beautiful color pallet and body position. you just make up your girlies poses right? i didn't think you used a model but i wasn't sure...


  16. or for that matter, have their illustrations made into textiles for couture clothing! don't know how that slipped my mind, heh.

  17. Lisbeth- well, that's just the way i feel. i still have much to learn and a long way to go. Thanks though, for your nice comment. I don't mean to sound ungrateful or glib about the good things that have happened so far...i suppose i've just set a very high standard for myself and that's something that i'm working towards. :)

    and yes, i do think up the poses. sometimes if I'm struggling with a hand or an angle of a head, i will look at pictures of old movie stars.

  18. Spectacular, spectacular, spectacular.

  19. oh my goodness Caitlin! These are wonderful. I must buy some of your work soon!


  20. ooo i love your latest work!
    lovely ladies in lingerie and the poodle girl!
    I want that dress!!

  21. oh my, oh my caitlin, these are the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. I hope I could one day see them in real life.

    you blow me away with every new piece!

    also lovely, I am guest writing for N.E.E.T blog and I included one of your prints in my art feature! I hope you don't mind!!!

    Talk soon.

    Renee xx

  22. Oh, great work! The second and the third one are my favorites...lovely, delicate and feminine!

  23. I love the little stories you've made up for these characters! Especially "Clarisse"! So lovely.


  24. Hello!
    I must say that every time I visit your blog, I fall head over heels for a new painting.
    I'm particularly in love with Mary Takes The Poodles For A Walk!
    So, I have given your lovely blog an award here!

  25. Lovely as always and I cant pick just one. I'm organising a huge giveaway on my blog for it's 4th anniversary, I'm hoping you'd be willing to throw in a giveaway for my readers for a bit of promotion in return. I've featured you on my blog before and love your work... they hang by my dresser :)

    One of the prints you sent me:

    The promo post I did back in 2008:

  26. The poodles are fantastic! But the emotion you managed to put on paper is stunning in the close-ups!

  27. Hi Caitlin,
    Always a pleasure to drop by your blog and see what you've been up to. The new drawings are wonderful!
    Ben :)

  28. Amazing work, congratulations!!!

  29. oh, i love those nipples!!!

  30. This is amaizing, I love your work :) keep it up:}

  31. dang! i just went to your etsy shop to buy a print and i the one i wanted wasn't there! cursed money, always there at the most inconvenient times.


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