Tuesday, April 27, 2010

pencilled people

Some recent pencil drawings. Trying to dabble with digital colouring, seeing as my sketchbook paper is too thin to paint on and will just warp too insanely for me to be able to scan.
some paintings are on the way too! My hands are really cooperating with my brain this week.

peachy pets/poets club

potted plant


dance school

1950's nurse


  1. OH MY GOSH. i love all of these! you are so amazing!!

  2. I drove past the fred astaire school of dance today in pymble! yahoO!

  3. Is there really a Fred Astaire Dancing School? These are great. I came here via Frankie. So excited to see another Central Coast blogger and chick doing great stuff.

  4. cute cute....love all pictures!

  5. I love your ladies' curvacious bodies and waterfall-hair

  6. i LOVE the lately i haven't been able to sleep one girl. so so so gorgeous!

  7. My favorite is the nurse!! But that might be because im a nursing student... lol but its absolutely my favorite!!!

  8. I love the 3rd one! And the first one I keep giggling cause all I can think of is Frida. When you color them digitally are you scanning them and using photoshop? Did you learn this technique at school or a tutorial of some sorts? I'm interested in attempting stuff like this myself.


  9. thanks all!

    Katiecrackernuts - i'm pretty sure that fred Astaire dance schools opened up all over the world. I think they were franchised under his name, and i once read that people tried to sue because their dance skills didn't end up being as good as his. pretty silly, huh!
    p.s. i did'nt realise that annette kellerman lived here on the coast! i read a book about her life a little while ago that must have skipped over that section. will have to do some more research.

    heleen - waterfall hair. that sounds so good.

    michelle elaine -thanks. frida and monobrows are synonymous by now, i suppose.
    when i colour the drawings digitally, yes, i scan them and use photoshop. i've been playing around with photoshop for a few years now, so it was just something i picked up along the way. i just used the paintbucket tool/ maybe i should look up a tutorial, because i'm not very pro at this yet.

  10. Yah for your hands cooperating with your brain! Looking good Miss! x

  11. These are fantastic, nice work :)

    I wish i could mix digital art with hand drawn stuff, Im not techno enough :S


  12. I love it so much!
    You´re really inpire me to drawn again
    Thanks a lot!

  13. Caitlin I just love your drawings so much, they're gorgeous and incredibly unique and I love your choices of clothing that you put the characters in. Your blog is an inspiration!



  14. Beautiful as usual. I love the colouring of the first!

  15. I really love these. Your style is simply so fantastic. I'd love to see your interpretation of Lady Gaga, hehe. I saw her in an interview the other day with thick black eyebrows and it reminded me of your drawings. (Less classy, respectively.)
    I defriended you on facebook, I hope you didn't take offense, but I just deleted a lot of my blogger friends. I feel like it destroys a little bit of the charm when facebook and blogging intertwine. Anyways, I'm still planning on making that mixtape..Eventually. Hopefully once school calms down a bit.

  16. wow, these are wonderful! x

  17. I must have the Gardener!

  18. um why are you so amazing ?

    just wonderin


  19. All these girls are so yummy!

  20. These are just beautiful treasures. I love your lines.


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