Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My lovely overseas pen-pal Mariell Oyre has recently created her own little magazine with the theme of love. aptly titled Love/<3, the magazine is a culmination of beautiful photography and art that encapsulates what it is to be smitten. I was asked to create two illustrations especially for the mag, and one made the cover, hooray!

sugary sweet

Call me!

(as always, you can click on each image to see it bigger.)
for more information you can visit the magazine section of Mariell's blog.
To purchase a copy, you can locate the paypal button on the main blog page.

In other news,
I am in love with Melbourne. I had decided within the first couple of hours that i want to live there forever.
More paintings to come throughout the week. 10 to be exact!
& just a reminder that the Disband art show opens tomorrow night at ambush gallery in sydney.


  1. Lovely! I'm going to have to check out the zine.


  2. Nice work! I checked out the girl's blog and the magazine seems dreamy.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  3. Yay! You should definitely come and live in Melbourne. It would love you back.

    The hand clasping the phone cord on your first lovely lady is absolutely killing me. Utter perfection.

  4. I love that your illustrations are so uniquely you!!


  5. Oh, Im following both of your blogs(I found you both seperatly,hehe) and I was so happy when I saw your illustrations in her magazine:)Makes the world seem smaller, just a tad:)

  6. thanks all!

    hannah - mutual melbourne lovefest!
    & thankyou. I've been trying to improve my hands and the overall motion of figures, so thats nice to read.

    maria - such a sweet coincidence. :)

  7. melbourne how i adore you.
    i found a lovely cafe recently.
    next time you're down melbourne way, head to one thousand pound bend.

  8. Glad to hear you liked Melbourne, Caitline! I, disorganised fool that I am, managed to miss the opening, but will definitely head over to see the exhibition this week. Where did you end up going while you were here? Any cute vintage finds (way to ask a silly question!)?

  9. Amelia - i'm probably totally biased, but the ladies first exhibition is worth seeing. Some of the girls are exhibiting for the first time, but their work is truly delightful and deserves to be seen.
    While i was in melbourne i spent most of my time around brunswick street and headed over into the cbd to degraves and the little nearby alleyways.
    i managed to snap up a few dresses and some little birds for my hair - but alas - no vintage finds! there was just too much to look at in melbourne and then i succumbed to acute exhaustion and by that time i had to leave.
    hope you enjoy the show!

  10. I am in love with these pictures. The love hearts idea was perfect. What's the address of your friends blog?
    Also i recently had a play with some watercolours and loved it very much. However I found it really hard to scan them into the computer without all the colours dissapearing or looking odd. Do you have any tips?

  11. Hi Clare-
    Mariell's blog is:
    (there is a hidden link under the words in my post.)

    It can be difficult trying to recreate the look of watercolours when scanning artworks. I find that scans never really give the true justice of an original piece.
    Photoshop is a must - i fiddle around with the curves and saturation to bring the picture to life - as scans always seem to be rather dull and bland compared to the originals. You have to be quite gentle though, or you can wipe things out a bit.
    although, Before i got photoshop i was just using the photo editing tools on my mac - gamma, contrast, etc, - but i found there wasn't so much fine control when using those.
    Hope that helps!
    basically, trial and error is the way to go. Wish i could offer some more steadfast advice.

  12. Such a lovely idea for this subject, I adore the way you painted the man she is daydreaming about!

  13. Hi, Caitlin! Lovely work as always.

    I was looking at some things on my f-list today (I definitely still miss seeing your work on there), and saw a Sims 2 house with one of your paintings on the wall, and I totally freaked out! I had no idea there were Sims versions of your work.

    Here's what I'm talking about :

  14. ive only just stumbled across your blog, its fantastic, your illustrations are super sexy.


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