Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Melbourne Adventure and Upcoming Art shows

What a busy month may has turned out to be. I've been preparing for two different art shows and my very first ever trip to Melbourne. So, i'm beyond excited. I've never even been on an aeroplane before, so this is big!

First of all, The reason i'm travelling to Melbourne is to see this splendidly femme art show, Ladies First, at Brunswick street Gallery. My good friend Helani Laisk is also exhibiting beside me, as well as some of my favourite painterly girls, Courtney Brims, Jo Dyer and Monika Viktoria.
If you're a Melbourne local, i do suggest that you come along. Opening night begins at 6pm, on Friday the 21st of may. Do come and say hello to a shy girl in a strange city! I'm a bit of a weenie and i don't bite. :)
(p.s. can any Melbournians offer any touristy advice on the best places for breakfast or vintage shopping? I'm hoping to cram a weeks worth of sightseeing into just one weekend.)

And secondly, is another gorgeous show curated by Angela and Renee at,
(who did a superb job of last years Once Upon exhibition). This time in Sydney, the show opens at Ambush Gallery on the 27th of may. The show will focus on break ups of many types, hence the title Disband, ( to commemorate the splitting of the Beatles). I'm working on some secret sirens, windblown tresses and captured faces. will hopefully be able to show some sneak peeks before the week is through.
Now, i'm off to paint. till i fall asleep. so much to do!



  1. Congrats! I'm glad your work is getting into so many shows and magazines.

    Have fun in Melbourne! I've never been there either (or Australia, for that matter) but I hope it is nice there!

  2. If you like Lemon Tarts, Nougat, Bircher Muesli and the best Sourdough in Melbourne try Baker D. Chirico on Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. Unfortunately Fitzroy Street isn't the most exciting street but Baker D. Chirico would have to be my favourite Melbourne cafe!

  3. Yah for Melbourne Trip! I'll be at the show and I'll come say hi :)

    May = busy for me too!


  4. Head to Degraves St for breakfast! Thats my best advice. Go the vegie breakfast.

  5. Ooh, I hope you have a lovely time in Melbourne! I was there for two weeks this past July for a wedding; two of my best friends got married to each other. It was my first trip alone and my first time in a different country, so it was pretty big, and I understand your excitement! Melbourne is SUCH a brilliant place and I enjoyed every second I was there.

  6. Ok, at the risk of sounding rude I am going to say avoid degraves altogether. It's tourist focussed food -- not the best quality and way over priced. Where are you staying? -- that'll help narrow down where to go. I can certainly reccomend Hardware Societe in the city or Babka on Brunswick St. Also this website [] is pretty handy.
    As for vintage clothes, Gertrude Street in Fitzroy has about fiv good vintage shops, and just around the corner of it is Smith St Lost and Found, which is like an aladin's cave ful of clothes, cameras, houseware and vintage prints. Plus there's always Retrostar in the cathedral arcade off flinders lane, but that tends to be fairy pricey...
    hope I havn't overloaded you with info. Looking forward the exhibition!

  7. Hi Caitlin. Unfortunately I can't make it to the opening of DisBand, but i'll do my best to come and say hi at the opening of your Melbourne show. As for good breakfasts, there's too many places to mention, but a place called Seven Seeds near the Queen Vic Markets is one of the best. It's a bit hard to find, but worth the search :)

  8. I'm so happy for you!!
    If you ever get to come to London I'll be there :)

  9. veggie bar in brunswick street.
    you wont be disappointed.

    have a lovely time.

  10. Congrats on the busy month, how exciting that is for you. Cant wait to see more!

  11. ooh, how exciting! Be sure to pack lots of layers, we've had a sudden onset of winter in Melbourne!
    I agree with Amelia in regards to avoiding Degraves st for breakfast. Where are you staying? I think Melbourne is pretty much the breakfast capital of the world, so you can be a little spoilt for choice! Some of my faves are Proud Mary, Birdman Eating, the Commoner (all fitzroy/collingwood); batch espresso, las chicas, grindhouse (balaclava); deadman espresso and Mart 130 (south Melbourne)... so much delicious breakfast...

  12. All time best melbourne breakfast is Porgie and Mr Jones in Hawthorn - right by my house - also you must go to Camberwell market early sunday morning for best trash and treasure market ever!

    Email me about it if you like ;)

    Gaby xo

  13. Thanks for all the tips on places to visit, everyone!
    I shall be writing them all down and can hopefully squish more than few of them into my long weekend.
    breakfast overload!

  14. I'm absolutely in love with your work.

  15. YES! this looks fantastic
    I'm so there

  16. I agree with milly, vegie bar is the way to go!
    My personal favorite breakfast spot would by 'illy' on sydney road. Try the banana pancakes ;)


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