Monday, July 12, 2010

Diary for Illustration Friday


Trying out the new coloured pencils that I got for my birthday!
This is my 2nd ever submission to This week's theme is Diary.
It's a great website where each week a new topic to illustrate is decided upon, and anyone around the world can then post their finished illustration on the site. It's an extremely inspiring pool of talent, and also very helpful in getting you to think about drawing subject matter that you may not have considered before. I suggest you all give it a try!
Every week i plan to draw the designated topic, but life gets in the way, and before i know it, the next topic has already landed in my inbox. get on the ball, caitlin!


  1. amazingly cute! your illustrations always blow me away!


  2. Good on you. You will notice I have illustration friday as a tag on my blog. I was doing illustrations when I started blogging, but as you say, life happens. Will try and get back to it this week.

  3. I love your work! You are so amazing. I saw some of your work up in a gallery on Brunswick Street awhile back. I was like "Oh my god! Caitlin!

    Beautiful. x

  4. Oh it's beautiful! You're very talented with colour pencils and I'd love to see more work like this!

  5. I'm in love! She's beautiful.

  6. I know what you mean about getting the topic in your inbox and having it be the next week by the time you get to sit down and work on it. Happens to me all the time!

  7. Deerest Caitlin,
    I know you are a busy bee but please don't forget about me! It's almost been a month since I last heard from you..
    With kindness,
    Rebecca Rose

  8. Thank you Caitlin. Your work is so amazing.

  9. Heisann!

    I am new on IF, and will visit some selected blogs to get to know some of you.
    Nice to know you and to enjoy your work!

  10. I love this, your drawing style fits perfectly for the theme.


  11. I'm not that great with coloring pencils. Your illustration inspires me to drag them out.

  12. Caitlin you *really* must finish this one (not that it's not finished, but I mean trace it and colour it in your pretty way!) I think it's gorgeous.... I love it to tiny pieces, you got her perfect!!

    *bats eyelashes* I'd fight you for the finished piece too (lol...but seriously! I would!)

  13. im going to have to check that out


  14. oh my. this is soooo cute!! i love the ballerina theme ;)

  15. lovely !
    i'm obsessed with your work


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