Friday, August 13, 2010

Disband Melbourne + bits


Disband is travelling to Melbourne!
After a successful opening in sydney, Angela and Renee of Leeloo are taking the Disband exhibition to Melbourne! Featuring some very enthusiastic australian talent, the show will feature custom made pieces reflecting what it is to break up and be broken.
It'll be at No Vacancy gallery, and will run daily from Tuesday the 24th of August till Saturday the 28th - with the official opening night party being held on Thursday the 26th. Mark your Calendars, Melbournians. :)
I'll be showing the following pieces, (which are up for adoption, by the way.) and wish, wish, wish with all my heart that i could be in Melb for the opening.

The ill fated romance between man and mermaid

The ghosts of boyfriends past

There are supposed to be plenty more fish in the sea

p.s. A big Thankyou to Michelle Dylan, Emma, and Flora Deborah Martinez  for conducting thoughtful little interviews and showcases  of my work on their respective blogs in the past couple of weeks.
p.p.s. Thanks too to Tracy of online fashion boutique Fashion Artiste for featuring my swan umbrella girl on her website!



  1. When I find the right words Caitlin, I'll write to you again. I promise.
    P.S. I am quite besotted with the windswept girl who has a rusalka dancing across her dress.
    P.P.S. Congratulations!

  2. Woo! I'm so there, its insane
    You are amazing!

  3. Congrats on your show, Caitlin! That mermaid piece is to die for, although I love all your paintings! I wonder what lucky person will buy it and hang it on their wall? xo
    Hope you will come take a peek at my blog and etsy shop..I've been on hiatus, but am back and will be doing a fun promo this Thursday (my birthday)!

  4. Every single illustration on your blog is simply stunning!

  5. I saw a girl wearing the middle piece on a tshirt today. I didn't even know it came on tshirts so I pretended I was your spy and took a very poor photo of the event. These are all lovely pieces indeed.


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