Friday, August 6, 2010

Dusty Treasures

Some Custom Illustrations i recently worked on for Rebecca Rose of Dusty Treasures vintage.
Inspired by shimmering chandeliers, 1930's boudoirs and the trinkets Rebecca has collected, i came up with a feminine mascot for her site, plus a bunch of other little fancy illos to adorn her pages.
We share very similar aesthetics, ( pastel porcelain cats, anyone?) so it was a pleasure to work with such a sweet lady!

Dusty Treasures Blog / Dusty Treasures Etsy Shop


  1. Omg, it is so beautiful! I love her hands and her shoes, and everything! And the babyblue chair is just wonderful.


  2. Oh Caitlin, these are gorgeous! You are so talented. Fantastic.

  3. gah. you amaze me.


  4. I owe you a massive thank you, for making me smile with each drawing you post.

  5. i loooooove these illustrations so much.

  6. i love the swan! your drawings are always adorable (:

  7. wow, so pretty! I will definitely be checking out her blog! (:

  8. Caitlin, I'm so thrilled for you, that you're getting these little jobs. Your gorgeous work suits it so perfectly!!

    And I must admit a terrible secret, I was so inspired that I drew a couple of my own little belongings... will you hate me forever? :-)
    I admitted freely they were Caitlin-inspired!!

    Keep up the yummy work gorgeous girl! xx

  9. I've just stumbled across your blog (thanks, interwebz) - I love it! Your drawings are beautiful, I want to be your women.
    Please keep up the lovely work. X


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