Thursday, August 12, 2010

Giclee Prints!

Hello all!
After a considerable sleepy lull, I'm finally happy to formally announce the opening of my new etsy shop, Caitlin Shearer, and also to release some scrumptious giclee prints!
Some of you may have been familiar with Pepperminte, the etsy shop i began after graduating from highschool. Feeling disconnected from the name and a little more mature, I've started over anew, so this new shop shall have a more prominent focus on original artworks and superb quality giclee prints on Hahnemeuhle cotton paper. These are truly dreamy museum quality prints - the matte paper is thick and sturdy with a slight texture, and these reproductions capture the detail of the original paintings perfectly.
I'll be offering a range of prints in A4 and A3 sizing, (poster size & bigger than last time!), and since it's just the beginning, i only have limited stock for the moment - so be warned, they may run out  - Because of this I am happily accepting pre-orders, so feel free to send me a note and i can reserve some prints for you in my next batch order. If an illustration you like isn't currently available, or you would like a different size, please contact me at - as i am very happy to accommodate any needs.
p.s. As a special treat to my blog readers, I'll add some extra 6x8" prints to your purchase - as a little gift! Just be sure to let me know in the 'message to seller' section!

p.p.s. etsy just added a multi currency function, which makes it a million times easier for overseas buyers to shop and know exactly how much items are worth.

So, hooray, the shop is now up and running! Please take a look.

giclee prints


  1. It all looks so wonderful! Go you good thing. Such beautiful work!

  2. Lovely!! My favourite would have to be 'There Are Supposed To Be Plenty More Fish In The Sea' ... wonderful!! :)

  3. Nice work!! I like so much "Engaged" and "Maiden Voyage"

  4. Excellent news! They all look so beautiful. xo

  5. Well done. Congratulations. I hope it goes well.

  6. cant wait to check it out!!


  7. Oh this is excellent. Definitely buying something with my birthday money :D

  8. Congratulations! Using your own name definitely sounds a bit more professional. I hope all goes well!

  9. god very thing you do is amazing! i want a wallpaper with your paintings!

  10. Oh, Caitlin, I just ordered a print from your shop, but I only just noticed this post so I didn't leave anything in the message to seller box! You'll know it was me, right?
    I'm so excited!!! I've wanted one of your prints for so long! I can't wait!

  11. Will you be putting the shirts up on your new store?


  12. thanks all!

    Syd - yep! i plan to make some new t=shirt designs in the next few weeks.
    for now, i also have tees available here:

  13. these all are wonderful, but the ones in the last picture are my favourites! :--)

  14. i love your work and just added your shop to my etsy favorites! as soon as I get my new apartment going to buy one of your paintings to hang on the wall...

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  15. I love your work! Would like to share mine with you if you have a minute please take a peak. :)

    Keep up the lovely creating!


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