Sunday, September 19, 2010


feline faces + raspberry blazer

Because I've got cats on the brain.

tepid bath, blue tiled.

tepid bathwater, love in the bathroom, spring cleaning.
Something I've been slowly working at for months now. I've had a pile of half done paintings in my room for some time and at last i am beginning to complete them. I can only move on to different things once all of these are put to rest.
p.s. this is the only kiss i can give!


  1. Oh my gosh Caitlin these are both so so so scrumptious!!!! (I mean... all three :-)

    I love the deep colours in the first one. I'm into cat's myself... and am getting excited at being re-united with my childhood kitty (who is not technically an old moggy... but still beautiful) The cats are cute and her outfit is yummy, I love how you've added a bit of shading under the separate layers, it adds a nice dimensiality!! (which isn't a real word, but I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at!!)

    And the bottom one is such a tender piece.... I like the colours, I like the setting, I like the mood.... it's beautiful and quiet and serene....

  2. I love the second drawing, i think there's a lot of poetry in it (I like the fact that it's the boy who's taking his bath, and not the girl).

    Could you tell me if we could buy some of your drawings ? I'd really love to have one of them on my wall !

    See U !

  3. I the second one, the fingertip in the bath water is the best bit. Hope you get through that pile of paintings soon!

  4. wow the second drawing is lovely! you are very talented
    i really like your blog :)

  5. your blog is extra special girl. so glad i found it :) xxx


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