Friday, September 3, 2010


paper allsorts, not licorice ones.
lately I've been thinking about ancestry, flying time, self absorption, changing directions, maturity, sadness, and the happiness and ease that one can only find with family.
It's time for things to change, and i am aware that they are, albeit at a slow pace. Natural progressions.
Today i drew an old woman for the first time in my life. It's so easy to become stuck and depend on drawing pretty pictures of pretty girls, and i would really like to branch away from that a little bit.
Being a girl, a girl who unashamedly enjoys vintage dresses and pastel miniatures, I'm not going to ignore that subject matter completely, but i do feel that there is a more mystical, darker and sadder side to everything which it is time for me to delve into.  I would like to combine the two. Nerdily enough, I've got plans to draw pictures of all the men who i like watching on tv: Donald Draper, Stephen Colbert, Stephen Fry, Harvey Levin, Heston Blumenthal, Roger Sterling, Mike Rowe. ( i like tv.)
But i also wanted to challenge myself this week. So I am asking you, members of this strange and vast internet land, to help me. please leave a comment and suggest something/someone for me to draw. (but be kind!) If my hands will permit, I'm willing to attempt to try everything.
bits and pieces of things on paper. old and new. :







  1. caitlin dearest! this is so exciting to hear!!!!
    i feel like i am also going through a creative metamorphosis as well, so i could totally relate to how nervous you might be about how your normal audience might take your new artwork... i'm afraid i dont have any suggestions in mind of who to draw, but but i just wanted to let you know that i'll always be right behind you no matter where you decide to direct your artistic visions!

  2. I completely understand. I am feeling the same way about bows and ruffles at the moment. And I also worry about my audience if I take a different direction.

    At the end of the day you have to follow your heart, and let yourself grow.

    My drawing challenge: A character or scene from the film Re-Animator. (My love of these sorts of films is one thing I worry about what some people will think haha!)

    Gaby xoxo

  3. I remember feeling really uncomfortable drawing things I didn't think were pretty or that fit within my style at university. I drew some old people and began to realise that they could still exist in the realms of pretty illustration.

    I sometimes think of drawing the unnoticed, like characters in films that aren't as pretty or as likeable as the main ones, the shiny ones.

    I really love your idea of drawing the men on tv. This is a very good challenge :)

    Natasha x x

  4. draw a sailor! or a muscled man from a old circus

  5. I absolutely adored this post!! I can't wait to see your interpretation of Don Draper!!! :)

  6. Use other materials: ink, charcoal...
    Mix materials.
    Paint when you're very sad.
    Rip a piece out of a magazine and complete it yourself (without looking at the original)
    Draw your feet as realistic as possible.

    I do like your paintings a lot, though.

  7. your work is so wonderful and never stale. i'm wowed by your prolific output. i've seen you draw men so fine. remember your patrick wolf days?
    pretty & famous men/boys--leonardo dicaprio, johnny depp, rob pattinson.
    or a star from the past maybe. david bowie -- cary grant.
    cate blanchett is my girl crush.
    or maybe try darker skin tones toward arabic, african or latin - or characters from plays and novels.
    i would welcome seeing thousands more variables of what you've shared the last few years. sublime.

  8. I would like it if you drew a horse.

  9. i really do miss the patrick wolf paintings!

  10. Caitlin your art is quite enchanting! I dare say we share a love for vintage things of the past.
    I understand what you mean about drawing things and people that are, well, not quite as 'pretty' as one is accustomed to seeing. It's rather refreshing to draw something out of the ordinary, even if it is tainted with a hint of macabre.

  11. Samuel Beckett
    Alexandra Maria Lara
    Julia Butterfly Hill
    Anne of Green Gables
    Isabel Allende
    Ian McKellen
    Joanna Newsom

  12. Try drawing someone in historical costume, like 18th century gown perhaps?

    I love your art, I'm sure whatever you draw/paint will be amazing! <3


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