Saturday, September 18, 2010

cats in the neighbourhood

1. Biggie smalls, a neighbouring cat with a fat face and dopey ochre eyes who lives somewhere in the street and comes to lie on my floor if i leave the door open. He likes string and sunshine.

2. The small white pussycat without a name who followed us home two nights ago.
after seeing her almost get squished under a truck we bundled her into our arms and took her home for a good sleep and some tuna! She was very friendly and purred loudly and when we dropped her off at the vet it was sad to say goodbye.

i'm kind of wishing for a springtime miracle to take place so that someone drops a basket full of kittens off on our front doorstep. i love them so.


  1. aw total love, i want to snuggle them both!

  2. this post makes my heart sing. i am a crazy old cat lady at 25 and only wish i could take these two into my menagerie. leroy and sadie aren't much for sharing, though. good luck, biggie & lil white!

  3. awww! so cute:) I have two cats and I plan to draw them today!

  4. That first cat, the gray one, looks pretty much EXACTLY like my kitty except with a fatter face.

    And, can I just say how much I LOVE your work? Well I do!


  5. the second lady cat looked like my little cat!

  6. the first cat coloring - looks so unique, almost like a plush toy.

  7. its a british shorthair


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