Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2

this week = Donald draper obsessions + how many cats can you see on the street? + night walking + doing the dishes + terrible chai lattes + brain transplant.
aaand some recent commissioned work.

1. A girl mascot for Kelsey Genna, a young NZ fashion designer who makes delectable candy coloured frocks and knickers. The dress included in this illustration features a petal skirt and will soon be available in Kelsey's online boutique, along with her newly released collection of hand embellished dresses.


2. A blog header for Jenny and Meggy of Fashion For Writers, an extremely intelligent fashion blog that will charm your socks off and which views the fashion world with a refreshingly erudite eye.

Fashion For Writers

3. And lastly, an illustration for Lisa Lindoe, who creates knitted blythe accessories from alpaca yarn. Her etsy shop Drop Dead Cute is a bubble of absolute cuteness.

drop dead cute


  1. oooo so theres a guy in my office who totes looks like donald draper - my office crush. le sigh!

    hey just curious but how much would it cost for a portrait? or a blogger banner?


  2. everything you do is so beautiful! i can sit and look in you blog forever. actually i have one of your paintings as backround on my cellphone. oh oh! your paintings should be wallpaper! :D

  3. Love your work, particularly the illustration for 'Drop Dead Cute' - cool cat ear hat!

  4. Ooh, I didn't know you make blog headers for others. How lovely is that!

  5. cute cute cute cute!!!!!

    Always a treat to see the charming things you've been working on!!!

  6. I'm so in love w/ your work :-)


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