Monday, September 20, 2010

sunday pastilles

Yesterday was a slow sunday spent playing with paint and cooking pasta for friends.

bleu veil

Prissy miss debutante who also works at a funeral parlour to earn pocket money.
Has gotten married to herself to prevent any future heartbreak. (A Forward thinker.)

Spring has sprung and all i can think about in sunlight and small animals.
(a rainbow bouquet to brighten up your day!)

Because i didn't say hello when i should have.
liquid jellybean skirt.

Something from many months ago when i thought it would be fun to imagine living on my own in a little house with my own life. Now it's real! But i left my ghost salt and pepper shakers behind.

mustard plaid

this is what this spring should be: blue mermaid juice, fresh flowers, cool breezes.
oh, and maybe some love?


  1. I always find it surreal how down there it's spring, while up here it's fall. That and how our toilets flush in opposite directions. Maybe I've mentioned this before? Either way, these paintings are beautiful and inspiring as always.


  2. I love your artwork. Art is like poetry, it is so comforting. Reading the post above this about the debutante marring herself to prevent any future heartbreak… that’s what I wanna do. Anyways, love this blog. It’s classy. Will be adding you to my blogroll :)


  3. oh these are very beautiful, nice soft colours !

  4. The last one with the little puppy in the purse is my favorite... so gosh darn cute!

    Ashley (

  5. oh, i cant get over how good you are! saw your work at, and then found your site. how do you make your pictures, draw and paint with watercolours? I love it, really

  6. thanks all.

    julieowl - yep, i use watercolours and pencil on paper, mostly. :)


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